More than five years have passed since I wrote the Foreword to the second volume of China’s Media & Entertainment Law. During that period, the media industry in China has continued to grow rapidly. As someone who has overseen the legislation of this area for quite some time, I cannot help but respect the perseveranceand bravado of the editors in compiling the third edition of this compendium. With its usual persistence, TransAsia Lawyers has taken on the arduous task of addressing increasing demands at home and abroad for information about China’s media and entertainment law, actively facilitating the study of this topic as well as exchanges and cooperation among industry players. TransAsia is uniquely qualified for this task, having operated a dedicated practice in this field for many years and having advised numerous prominent clients on how to operate within the current legal framework. While the majority blog right there of the students at this suburban school are white and middle class, about 32 percent are from families poor enough to qualify them for free and reduced-price lunches. The timing of this edition could not be better. Against the backdrop of deepening reforms and the State Council’s Culture Industry Revitalization Plan, a synthesis of traditional and new media is being realized, while digitalization and theconvergence of telecommunications, television and the Internet continues to be encouraged. As a result, the PRC media industry is confronting new opportunities and challenges. The China’s Media & Entertainment Law series has proven to be not only a practical guide for legal professionals, but also a rich resource for anyone else interested in the area. It fills a vacuum in authoritative, English language reference books on the Chinese media sector. TransAsia’s efforts are indispensable and reflect the firm’s intensive, long-term study of PRC law, thorough understanding of legislative trends and industry developments, and unrelenting pursuit of excellence. I express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the countless hours dedicated towards the publication of China’s Media & Entertainment Law and the resulting benefits of an increased interest in, and understanding of, the sector.  

Yu Aiqun
Deputy General Counsel
State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
August 2012


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